Introducing Amber Shepherd

Amber Shepherd was born in Virginia Beach, VA but has been residing in Kansas City, Missouri for thirteen years now. Growing up, she always knew she would be a business woman. Instead of playing with Barbie dolls, she would dress up in her mother's clothing and walk around the house with her father’s briefcase.

Amber has been making Jewelry since 2011 but established Elegant Accessories in 2015. Elegant Accessories is a Unique Jewelry Line for your everyday wear, rather you're a man and woman. It consists of a variety of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with the expansion of everyday accessories including watches and purses.


Amber graduated Penn Valley Community College with her Associates Degree in Business Management in 2017 and plans to further pursue her education in Accounting.  


She has been blessed to have a wonderful support system of her parents, siblings, and church family!




"God has truly blessed me with this gift and I am here to fulfill my purpose with Elegant Accessories."

-Amber Shepherd  

Founder, Owner & Designer